Slide Trauma Implants Alternate Bio Material
Designed to Perfection
Matching with Bone Density
Quickly Delivered
Manufactured Locally
Quickly Customizable on Request
Cost Effective
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Slide Manufacturing
as a Service
Order on our Portal and get it manufactured at your premises
Maintained and Supplied by Quick Implants NZ Limited
Less noisy than a refrigerator
Size around room fridge
Consumes less than 1KWH
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Slide Customized Implants Inquire for more Our team of BioMedical and Mechanical Engineers can assist orthopedics to modify existing implant designs or even create a new, while achieving the chemical and mechanical objectives. Once design is finalized, it can be delivered to the doctor within 12 hours, in most of the scenarios.
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Continuous Improvement

Our system is quick to bring an implant from vision to your practice. We continuously improve our systems and you will feel it happening.

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Complete Eco-System

We use the feedback from our partners, orthopedic surgeons to improve our product. Once enrolled as our partner, you will share experiences globally.

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Patient Focussed Customization

You can match implant density with patient's bone density for strong bone growth. Sizes and angles can be precisely customized as per requirement.

We ease cutting edge technology for Medical Professionals

We help orthopedic surgeons to utilize cutting edge software technology like Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and Blockchain in their operation theatres.

We are a company with more than 30 years of collective experience in the field of engineering, medicine, and surgery. We combine our research and engineering skills along with the decent experience obtained at various world-leading engineering, research, medical and financial institutions worldwide. 

We are a part of SOLIDWORKS® for Entrepreneurs program.

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We continuously innovate ways to benefit our clients.

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Great Support

Our great support has helped us keep innovating.

Why our Implants are cost-effective?

With all these exceptional services, our implants are still cost-effective. why is that so?

We use additive manufacturing instead of Subtractive. Additive manufacturing is quick, more efficient, and accurate but not suitable for mass production. In Subtractive manufacturing, material loss is far more than additive manufacturing.

Our material is alternate engineering plastics, which exhibit the physical and chemical properties of metal but as compared to metals they have significantly low melting points, which means it consumes less power to manufacture. Similarly, the complexity of the melting and molding system can be reduced while increasing the complexity of Artificial Intelligence to achieve consistent quality with cost-efficiency.

Our products and services are architected in a way to shift the expense from supply chain and inventory management towards the quality of the product. This reduces the cost for our customers yet provide us room to spend more towards research and development to ensure continuous improvement. Since we are continuously deploying, so our technology is the latest and provides more room to provide customers with better pricing.

To ensure quick availability, these are made at your premises, designed and engineered by Quick Implants in New Zealand.

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We work with world-leading orthopaedics surgeons, hospitals, and trauma centres. Leave your details with us and our consultant or distributor will contact you shortly. You can also ask for a quick online demo from our Team.

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Distribution Network

Although we are in process and continuously looking for distributors, we can supply and provide support to most of our products and services even without local distribution. Contact us for more detail

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Global Coverage

We’re a modern global company, our system is cloud-based, which means distance doesn't matter to us. We can provide online support to most of our products.

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