2020 Covid-19: Tough times but we managed to secure a win

Although 2020 has been a financially, economically, socially and emotionally has been a tough year so far for us and people across the world. During these economically tough times, our innovation Manufacturing As a Service approach in trauma implants didn’t seem to go unnoticed.

World Leader in Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software producer Dassault Systèmes which is one of the fortunes 50 companies of the world endorsed and sponsored our idea. Just after the formation of the company, we managed to secure SolidWorks Entrepreneur Sponsorship.

Apart from the financial benefits, it is the trust that Dassault Systèmes has rendered on the Quick Implants NZ Limited team. It’s an endorsement for our product designs, idea, and materials, the research we performed so far, and the research we are performing at the moment. With the help of this sponsorship, we will be able to roll out our product line by the start of 2021 without looking any further for funding or sponsorship.

That’s why you can notice the following badge of Dassault Systems on our website and catalog.

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